The Roots

Beyond The Routine is an Internet Radio Show dreamed up by Jones and Jesse on a fateful night in 2009. It started with the name and concept but not until 2013 was it put into motion. Conceived as a once weekly discussion of everything geek from the latest technology breakthroughs to the newest geek fandom the show has been on going for 4+ years. The show was launched with a side member in the form of Sometimes Dave that is more of regular than some of the hosts. Somewhere along the line Jesse decided to take more of a back seat role and in came Chris. The show has branched out and picked up many interns along the way and much to the chagrin of Chris any ownership of the show for the interns comes out of his ever shrinking share. The show now covers anything geek including: Tech news, future tech, movies, television, and any things else that may tickle the hosts fancy.


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