Editor In Chief

When not creating award winning internet radio shows Jones is just a guy looking for some tech. In his freetime he enjoys long walks down the server farm aisles. If you don't find him in front of a computer you can probably find him in a movie theater or in some new restaurant. His grandpa always told him to make sure he was the ugly one in the relationship so he went out and found him an amazing and gorgeous wife who has given him two amazing children. Though Chris doesn't beileve him he loves being a dad more than George Lucas loves Star Wars.




Dave's bios is coming soon! Can't wait? Tune in to our live show to learn first hand what makes Dave tick! Every Thursday night at 9:00PM MST on Facebook



A self-described geek. Chris loves everything technology. His favorite geekdom remains Star Wars from a very young age. He loves movies and TV and continues to collect Lego, Funko Pop, Tattoos and bad decisions. When not paling around with the guys from the show you may find him plugged into the latest news of the world. Chris has to keep up as the resident liberal on the group. He has lived all over the world but calls Salt Lake his forever home living here with his wife, two daughters, and three pets.




Jesse is working on his epic bios, until then, watch him in action in one of the many YouTube videos on our channel! Make sure you subscribe so we can notify you when new videos are available for your enjoyment!


Gadget Expert

Eric lives for the next tech gadget. If you want to somehow be able to stream your favorite show while on a 5-day backpacking trip in the middle of nowhere, he is the guy you would want to bring! 



Tech Guru

You might not see this face on our weekly Live show, but just mention Samsung or Cryptocurrency and he will magically appear. If you ever asked us a question regarding mining, then you've already had the honor of chatting with him directly. While Stephen isn't busy filling his head with random facts about the universe, he would be busy managing his company. Somehow, this guy finds time to also host his own channel, make our new site pretty, be on the board of a business school, mentoring young entrepreneurs, and trying to have a baby with his wife who doesn't seem to grow old ever.


Program Director

Marty is the newest member of our team. Although he is considered the Ancient One of the group, he is also the one you would want to be on your team no matter which game you are playing. Look for him on upcoming episodes of our weekly Live show or soon our Twitch Live Streams! Meanwhile, we will work on finding a less serious photo of him to use...